Grieve, Release & Connect

Losing a loved one turns your world upside down and can shake the very foundation of everything in your life.

Often times, our traditional methods of processing and healing from grief, never fully heals us - That's because the most important part of the healing is left out, missing, leaving you wandering aimlessly and feeling like you are just existing.

As a medium and a channel for Spirit and the collective, I have learned to connect with my daughter, Ava, in Spirit – I've also helped many parents learn to connect with their own children and loved ones - On their own!  Yes, each and every one of us was born with the gift of connection, however each one of us have our own unique way of connecting and we often need support and guidance. Who would be better to guide you, teach you and help you heal, than Spirit and the conscious universe that knows every hurt, betrayal, joy and sorrow from your life?  Your loved ones are not gone.  In fact, they are closer to you than ever before and are very much alive in Spirit - And trying to reach you!


So if you're just getting through the day and going through the motions, it's because you weren't given the missing piece to your puzzle. If the signs you get from your loved one's make you confused as to what they're trying to tell you, or when you receive signs, you find yourself wondering if it's real or just your imagination, know that you are on the right track, you just need to learn this piece.  If you long to be able to talk with them, see them, or feel them around you and have tried other courses to learn to connect only to find that the signs are still fleeting and you doubt your connections, then let's solve this together and get you connecting with your loved one's and excited for your life!

Here's what we do in this highly tailored, one on one program: 

  • Identify what blocks you from receiving clear messages from your loved ones -Then we're going to remove those blocks!

  • Learn how to receive and understand the messages they are trying to send you by honing your unique way of connecting.

  • Private readings with me for confirmation and guidance for your journey - Yes, your loved one's do this program with you!

  • Gain clarity and peace of mind with consistent connections that you can tap into anytime you choose.

  • Connect and receive from Spirit with out the darn DOUBT!

  • Go from “just existing” to being excited about life and your future

  • Discover your purpose and magic, the most integral part of our reason for being here! 




Most of us try to receive signs and connect but are often hit with waves of grief, doubt and a general unsureness of what is and isn't real from Spirit and their loved ones - I've been there!  The reason most people settle on just receiving signs here and there, is because they don't realize that they can learn to connect with Spirit every day.  Signs are just the beginning!

Not only is this possible, it's been done! I helped numerous clients, shed the suffering and connect with their child on a consistent basis -What is the result of this?  They are happier, have purpose, are deeply connected to Spirit and are no surviving - They are thriving!  

So here's what you need to ask yourself;   

Do I want to connect with my loved ones, guides and Spirit all the time so that I can?

Do I want to feel real joy and peace again? 

And do I want to be able to get up in the morning and be excited for my life knowing that the entire universe is guiding me?  Do I want to stay where I am' OR do I want to move forward, taking back this integral piece of the puzzle, the  peace, purpose and guidance this course taps into?

IF you answered yes to at least two of these questions, you're ready to step into connecting.

IF you answered yes to ALL of these questions - You're about to transform yourself and your life! - So take a step in the direction that your heart and intuition is guiding to you and learn to connect!  Your loved one's are waiting for you  - So what are you waiting for?

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