Do you wish you could talk to your

passed on loved one just one more time?  

Well, YOU can! 

Often a loved one passes and we feel and know that we didn't get enough time with them

or we didn't get to say all that was in our heart.

Sometimes, we need to know that they are okay AND that we are going to be okay!

Our loved one's are very much alive in Spirit and are always trying to find a way to connect with you.  They want you to know that they are not gone! 

 As a psychic medium and a channel for Spirit, I work intimately with my clients relaying their loved one's messages and guidance to bring comfort, validations and healing on their journey.  These readings are a three-way conversation between you, myself and your loved  one that has crossed over.


The comfort one feels after having a reading is often priceless on the grief and healing journey. There is no better way to heal and process your grief than experiencing it with your deceased loved one.

Your loved ones want to let you know they are with you and want to deliver messages to you at just the time when you need them!


So what are you waiting for?

Lets get you connected with them!

Here's what other's experienced in their reading...


“I always feel better after a reading with Erin.

I'm always amazed by  the incredible validations that my son gives to let me know he has been with me this whole time and will continue to be"

— Carolyn D.


“It was like my daughter was talking through you, as if she were right there talking to me!"

— L.S.