Last FULL Moon 2020 - Guided Connection with your loved ones - Dec 30th 2020

Connecting with Spirit is everyone's gift - Including YOU!


The LAST full moon of 2020 is set in the sign of Cancer and potent for releasing, shifting and connecting energy - Utilizing this energetic push to release what you no longer want or need, because the shifts in energy will support and amplify this!


This easy evening workshop that will only happen on Dec 30th will be a full experiential honouring AND connecting with Spirit, your loved ones, the divine, through a guided connection with me. Why is this powerful you ask?  I use mediumship and all of the intuitive tools in my toolbox to share energy with the participants in order to transmute it - The results for people who have attended these workshops and worked with me?  There ability to connect becomes amplified and clearer, some have never meditated and are able to tap in, during these workshops.  They feel lighter, releasing burdens that they are carrying.  It's both healing and magical - And that's a win-win in my books!


As an intuitive guide, Psychic Medium, Author and Teacher, I tap into the higher realms with your loved ones, guides and angels, in order to lift others into their connections with the Divine and the universe.  When we connect in a group and from the heart, the energy is amplified, allowing everyone's natural clair's and gifts to open more fully so that we can truly experience the power of our loved ones and communicate with them. This is one of the most healing and uplifting experiences for the heart and mind. 


But HURRY - This is the only opportunity to maximize the amplified energy of the last full moon of 2020 - AND it's ONLY $20- in honor of the shifts about to take place in our lives!   YES, thats right, it's only twenty dollars to release shit for good, and experience your own connection with your loved one.   AND the ONLY thing that stops us from doing this is ourselves!


So what are you waiting for?

Come as you are. Come with the intention to let go. Come with the intention to connect.

Decide that you want to hear, see, feel and know the unknown. 

And that is exactly what you will experience with me in this workshop.


So excited to see you there!


Workshop Details:  

Date: December 30th 2020 @ 7pm EST

Location: Zoom Online

Cost: $20- per person



Last FULL Moon 2020 - Guided Connection with your loved ones - Dec 30th 2020

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